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Centicorn Ventures has the concept of FEBE: For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs. We are a sector agnostic venture capital firm set up by entrepreneurs and high flying executives to help entrepreneurs achieve their greatest potential. We typically invest at the Seed stage, with potential to follow on in your Series A. Our funds are very sector specific, allowing the top people in that particular sector to come together as an investment committee to not just evaluate the deal flow, but also add value to entrepreneurs.

There may be different things that we look at, but we believe that, ultimately, it is the entrepreneur who creates value. The right entrepreneurs have the right values to target a problem that they see in this world. They are those who are discontented with the society of today, and want to make a change and their mark through their products and services. They have the charisma and wisdom to bring on board the best talent to join their teams, and the mental toughness to not give up when the going gets tough. Having been through the journey of entrepreneurship (sometimes even several times), we do not contribute only the capital you need to grow, but believe in collaborating with fellow entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality. For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs. Because of that, we have brought together the best minds in entrepreneurship to assist entrepreneurs go to the next level, by leveraging on the connections of the Partners through our personal investment holding companies, Fine Calibre Capital and Dreambuilder Partners.

We believe in assisting entrepreneurs in every way we can. As such, if you think you need a round of funding, do hit us up at hello@centicornventures.com.

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